Coincidental movie references in... movies

It happens often, references that you recognize, and know you would not have recognized a few days earlier. Let's call them coincidental references. I had one coincidental movie reference happen recently. I saw The Maltese Falcon, and two days later I was watching Broken Flowers, where the main character asked a girl if her probing father is Sam Spade (a private detective from the The Maltese Falcon). That's when I wanted to jump up in the movie theater and scream "I got it! I got it!" Well, what are the chances? How likely is it that someone would watch a 1941 Film-Noir/Mystery movie in 2005 two days before they see an Adventure/Comedy/Drama movie that mentions a character from the former movie? How many movies have references to Sam Spade anyway?
The other coincidental movie reference in a movie happened a while ago. I saw Taxi Driver. Shortly after that, I was watching an episode of Sex and the City where Miranda visits Steve in his small apartment that he jokes looks like DeNiro’s place in Taxi Driver. Having seen the other movie adds a host of meaning to this comparison. For example, you can interpret it as Steve trying to dispel Miranda's concerns by being upfront about seeming strangeness of his lifestyle.

At brunch

Today at brunch, once everyone accepted that we did not find a proper brunch place in Arlington, and made peace with lunch-dinner food choices in Not Your Average Joe's, Masha was telling about the game called "Assassin". They played it with people from her lab in Princeton over a course of a few weeks. There were different rules, one of which was that to be immune, guys could wear female underwear and girls could wear ice buckets on their heads. (My understanding was that guys did not have to wear female underwear on their heads, but rather just as underwear.) A discussion on the fairness of such rules and thoughts on necessary demonstrations followed. Towards the end:
Danya: There are female boxers too.
Anya (tuning in into the conversation): Aha! I saw a movie about it!
Volodya: Yeah, it's called "Million Dollar Baby".
Masha: That's right, Hilary Swank got an Oscar for a movie about female underwear.

Enter Sir Leigh Teabing

Thanks to a thoughtful present from Dima, I'm now joining the progressive ranks of my contemporaries who have read "The Da Vinci Code". I'm listening to an abridged version on the CDs and I am about half way through. It's fun, it's easy, and the CD version does not leave any space for guessing, so far I din't feel like there were places where I could have had a hunch about something, it just keeps pumping in the new information and the new adventures. Well, except for the painfully obvious places like why the police thinks that Langdon jumped out of the window or what could the account number for the safe deposit box be or which world the panicky nun will be in once Silas is done at the Church of Saint-Sulpice. With the account number, the delay and the sound of revelation with which they thought of what could it be was annoying and almost offensive. Did anyone try decoding the anagrams before the characters did? Obviously, in my case, the audio version was not conducive to doing that.

The entrance of Sir Leigh Teabing made me excited about the movie they are making based on the book. I really want to see this character walk and talk! It also says that they got Audrey Tautou to play Sophie Neveu, how perfect, how appealing! Audrey Tautou is already an icon for a confused French girl.
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Some form of justice

If you enter the word "Holocaust" in Google, it comes back with 6 million hits... I've seen this number before, it's an estimate of the number of Jewish lives lost.

A commemorating board in the Ghetto in Venice.

Campo del Ghetto with a concentration camp watchtower and two carabinieri.

Sukkah along a canal, we were asked to join in for lunch.

Apparently, current Jewish population of Venice is around 500 people, but many of the people we met were from Chabad, living in Venice for a few years. I knew they would not be happy about us taking pictures during the holiday, but the photo opportunity was too tempting. We were indeed asked not to take pictures when Sveta was photographing children in Campo del Ghetto. I suppose it was the children's mother. Somewhat intending it as a provocation, I asked her if we shouldn't take pictures because she doesn't want us to confuse the children about the rules. To what she replied that she didn't make those rules, G-d made them, and they apply to us as well. In fact, I was disappointed by her answer. Having made a step back from the Orthodox crowd, I sense an agenda in their conversations too easily, and dislike what seems to be their mentality of "unless we can convert this secular person, he is of no interest to us". During lunch, to which they invited all interested passerbys, our most pleasant company was the couple from Switzerland with their daughter, who turned to an Orthodox way of life only when they were adults.
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Моя поездка в Сан Франциско, часть вторая, заключительная

В предверии рассказов об Италии (все быстро скрестили пальцы), надо бы закончить рассказ о поездке в СФ.

Суббота. Я встречаюсь с мамиными знакомыми "шашистами", одна женщина, которая живёт в СФ, и пара с сыном, которые случайно приехали на те же выходные в СФ из Чикаго. Одна из моих последних фотографий с Петей, это где ему лет 5, а мне лет 13, и я его держу на руках. Теперь так совсем не получится. С Петей и его мамой, Анитой, мы как-то отдыхали вместе в Трускавце. Также у их семьи ещё в Киеве появилась видеокамера, и они пришли к нам в гости, и снимали, как я показываю свою комнату. Говорят, у них сейчас где-то есть эти съёмки. Также они сняли застолье у нас дома, и когда позже его прокручивали в быстром режиме, все очень смеялись, т.к. всем стало понятно кто усерднее всех набирал себе еду в тарелку (кажется это был мой папа, или какой-то другой мужчина). А вот при быстром просмотре записи с застолья у них дома, кажется, так отличилась я. Было приятно увидеться с людьми, с которыми связаны такие тёплые детские воспоминания. Т.к. других предложений не было, мы пошли в полюбившийся мне ресторанчик Savor.

После, мы с девчонками поехали на прогулку в Ботанический сад и в Японский садик, о котором я грезила уже несколько лет. Но после того как мы часик проболтали на скамеечке в Ботаническом саду, Ирка начала замерзать, и в Японский садик я пошла сама. Та же история, что и в предыдущий день, примерно час до закрытия, а я уже на месте, снова приобщаюсь к японской культуре. Самой мне по садику понравилось гулять, можно пройти все тропинки, возвращаясь в предыдущую точку, чтоб испробовать другое направление. Подумалось о том, что в жизни так не получается, особенно если решаешь идти с кем-то рядом.

Жизнь -- она прямая, в ней
Нет непройденных путей,
Есть один, что выбрал ты,
Смесь реалий и мечты.

ПотомCollapse )

Два ослоумия и одна мАтивация

Мама приготовила вкусные артишоки с сырной начинкой, я съела три на завтрак и насытилась.
Я: Спасибо, получился такой здоровый завтрак.
Мама: Ну хочешь закусить пирожным, для более сбалансированного питания?

Мама разговаривает с подругой по телефону.
Мама: А ко мне приехал ребёнок! Мы с ним играем в дочки-матери...на деньги.
Подруга: А какие правила игры? Ребёнок приезжает и ты ему отдаёшь последние деньги?

Я: Мама, правда ведь я всё могу?
Мама: Конечно, ты ведь у меня самая-самая... А что бы ты хотела?
Я: Ну вот, например, похудеть.
Мама: Нет, это забудь, это невозможное.

Anyone wants to go for this tonight?

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You've been KLONE'd (or will be tonight!)
KLONE videos are available here for your viewing

You may catch KLONE this evening at The Skybar, 518
Somerville Avenue in Somerville, for a mere $6.

They will be playing with Lilac Ambush
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Doors at 8:00 PM.
DJ Mao will be spinning.
Skybar's bartenders kick arse.
(Walking distance from the Porter Sq. T stop for the non-lazy; plenty of on-street parking for those driving in).